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Solar Powered Smartphone Chargers & Batteries

Keep your mobile device charged at all times with solar powered smartphone chargers and batteries for sale at TurtleBert. These solar cell phone chargers allow you to power up your device wherever there’s sunlight. By charging your mobile phone using sunlight, you decrease demand for fossil fuel energy. Combined with our solar powered external battery pack, you also decrease demand for new chargers and, more importantly, the environmental impact of their manufacturing, transport, and disposal.

Did you know? Charing your phone or tablet with a TurtleBert solar powered smartphone charger for one year will save:

  • The amount of electricity equivalent to burning 23 pounds of coal.

  • The same amount of breathable air produced by 550 square feet of forest.

  • The amount of air pollution created by driving a car 61 miles.

If you’re interested in our solar powered external battery packs or chargers, feel free to browse our selection below.

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