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And people.

Regular people who like going outdoors sometimes.
Or at least letting the window down.

People who like fresh air and clean water.
People who sometimes forget to recycle.

People who are not perfect.

People who do the best they can.

Greener. Smarter.


TurtleBert was founded on the idea that doing something is better than doing nothing. Profound, we know.

Standing in front of bulldozers to protest destruction of the rain forest? Bringing a mug to work and discarding one less paper cup? Somewhere in between is where most of us live.

We think that's fine.
We think that doing something is better than doing nothing.


Bamboo can be sustainably farmed leading to less deforestation. Using it for our phone cases also decreases the demand for plastic - much of which ends up in our oceans, landfills and groundwater. The trees we save will remove carbon dioxide from our air and replace it breathable oxygen.

bamboo forest.jpg


Mobile devices need energy...constantly. By charging your mobile device using sunlight, you decrease demand for fossil fuel energy. By using our solar charger / battery combo for a year, you also decrease demand for new chargers and, more importantly, the environmental impact of their manufacturing, transport and disposal.


The extraction, transport and burning of fossil fuels can pollute the air, destroy our land and poison our water. Our dependence on fossil fuels contributes to an increase in carbon dioxide that ultimately worsens the effects of climate change*. Sunlight is an inexhaustible resource but - in all fairness - can cause the skin on your nose and shoulders to peel. 

*only 99.9999% of climate scientists and published scientific research on the subject agree with this 

smokestack round.png for more information

Welcome to TurtleBert

TurtleBert is a premier brand of environmentally friendly mobile phone and tablet accessories. We proudly offer eco-friendly iPhone cases, solar chargers, external batteries, tablet bags and sleeves, and many other products. As a socially responsible brand, we stand behind our eco-friendly electronic products and their unique properties.

To ensure quality and durability, all of our eco-friendly iPhone cases are made from sustainably farmed Bamboo, which leads to less deforestation. Using wood for our phone cases also reduces environmental pollution because it decreases the demand for plastic.

At TurtleBert, we dedicate 2% of our annual profits to charitable organizations whose mission is to preserve oceans, wetlands, and habitats for marine and amphibian life. We believe that giving back to the environment is truly important.

For more information about our eco-friendly electronic products, give us a call at 404-909-9787, or e-mail us at


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